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The Marketing Equation: Identity

Jun 7, 2017

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McDonald’s Golden Arches, Apple’s minimalism, Nike’s swoosh—these designs, symbols, and slogans pervade our everyday lives. Whole board games have been created because we see and interact with companies nonstop. Brand identities are a new component in our modern air composition, and the second segment in the Marketing Equation.

First impressions are important. Just because we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t mean that we don’t. After all, just take a look at dating profiles and you can see that we determine compatibility based on a few photos and a brief bio blurb. And we most definitely judge businesses based on their websites, logos, and brand reputation, almost instantaneously.

Identity includes all of your company’s messages and visuals. How do you look, and just as important, what do you say to your audience in words? Is the tone of your website and email marketing campaign formal or casual? Fast food chain Wendy’s is snarky and sarcastic on social media and the Internet eats it up. However, that may not be the right message for a funeral home. A bright pastel color palette and bubbly font work well for a business that has to do with children, but not so much for a law firm. Prospective customers and Google search browsers will evaluate your business on its identity, so it needs to match your business—don’t forget your target from the strategy segment of the equation!

Additionally, you should only trust expert, vetted vendors to create your identity. Get the best website developer, videographer, graphic designer, printer, etc., within your area and price range to create all of your branding materials. A bad design will hammer a nail into the proverbial coffin. Make sure a typo doesn’t make future customers pass you by in favor of a company with a better brand identity.

The concept of identity is easy to grasp and what most people think of when they think of marketing or advertising, but don’t let this fool you. It takes a lot of effort to get an incredible cohesive brand identity—but I don’t have to convince you that an extraordinary brand identity is worth it. Check outside or online and see for yourself.

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